George Akharas​

Working with Codelynks has be a real pleasure! The developers are top-notch and understand the various technologies very well. I will continue using Codelynks for future mobile application development.

Dhari Al Janahi

Looking back we are really happy about our decision to get associated with Codelynks.
We were acquainted with Codelynks through one of our trusted service partner when
we had really issues in our mobile application development department. We have
benefited a lot form Codelynks professional approach, timely deliveries, diverse
experience with complex projects with differents MNCs and so on. Its been more than
six years of trusted commitments and regular business dealings in running project
development. Even though we have moved to our own development centre back in
India, we ‘n’ our development center still continue our association with Codelynks. We
use this opportunity to thank them and wish them all the best in the future endeavors

Robin Roy

It has been more than five years since we started working with Codelynks in digital and mobile user interface for our users including consumers, service staff, dealers and distributors. The collaboration had been excellent learning for both sides in delivering the best customer experience overall.

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